Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A few of my favorite things: Munchkin!

Munchkin Moments
Hey guys! Today I'm partnering up with Munchkin to show off some of my favorite products of theirs and why I love them so. We've had a ton of Munchkin products since Beck was a newborn and I'm always adding to the arsenal as he grows and needs new things. When it comes to baby/toddler/kid needs, they have thought of everything!

I've already shared my love for the sound machine/projector in my favorite baby gear post, you can click over there to read about that (spoiler: it's amazing!!)

Another one of my very favorite products we've been using from day one is the Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail. Because the thing with babies... they go through a lot of diapers. And none smell pleasant. Beck is almost one and honest-to-goodness his room has never (ever!) had even the faintest smell of dirty diaper because that pail is magic! It continues to blow my mind all the time since there are usually two weeks worth of diapers in there. It's my go-to baby shower gift now (with an extra pack of refill cartridges of course). It's a necessity!
Munchkin Moments

We've also been using the Stay-put suction bowls at every meal, otherwise he'll just run his hands back and forth over the tray knocking all his food off. It's a fun game apparently... and a messy one. The bowls suction down to the tray so things stay much cleaner and he's learning how to eat from a bowl like a big boy. Win win!
Munchkin Moments
Munchkin Moments

And last but not least, I looooove the Bento mealtime set. We're often on-the-go during one of his meal times and he doesn't like baby food or pouches any more which made packing up his food a hassle—so many containers! I remembered I had this and now we use it all the time—at the park or zoo, when we go to restaurants, ect. It's practical and cute!
Munchkin Moments

Munchkin rids the world of the mundane by developing clever, innovative solutions that make family life safer, easier, and more fun. You can find Munchkin products at Munchkin.comTargetBabies’R’UsWalmart, and Amazon. It’s the little things! 
This post is created in partnership with Munchkin. As always, opinions are entirely my own. 

Monday, November 17, 2014

it hurts.

it hurts

Beck turns one next week. Which seems impossible. Like there is actually no way one year has really passed by since they first laid him on my chest, seconds old.

I think the word bittersweet is the perfect word for describing watching your baby grow up. Time goes by so fast sometimes it legitimately hurts. I'll look back at photos or videos of when he was a newborn and it feels like someone punched me in the chest. The wind gets knocked out of me. And at the very same moment, I've over the moon happy about how much he has grown. He says mama and calls for me when he gets hurt. He smiles when I sing made-up songs about him. When you ask him "How big is Beck?" his arms fly open and he smiles from ear to ear, then claps for himself.

And in so many ways all these things are a million times better than the little newborn that just layed there asleep 90% of the day. But it still stings. My tiny little baby suddenly looks like more like a little boy. But I'm ready for it. Excited to see him learn and discover new things, thanking God every day that I get to be his mom.

Looking back at old photos will probably always take my breath away for a minute. And that's okay.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Opening up shop!

Shop update!

Hello hello! The last month I've been spending a good chunk of time while Beck naps sewing and making new things for my shop and they are finally up for sale in the store! 

There are a few new products—Waxed-canvas tote bags, pillows, baby scarves (!!!!) and then old favorites like baby leggings.

Everything is super limited since I don't have as much time on my hands these days so if you're interested in something I'd suggest getting it sooner than later. Some pieces have already sold out since listing yesterday!

Also, I'm offering free shipping on all US orders if you order before December!

Shop update!

Shop update!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Wild thing on halloween

wild thing // max costume

When I first saw a max costume on pinterest months and months ago I knew thats what Beck needed to dress up as on halloween. I planned on getting the costume at a store since there were some pretty good ones out there but I procrastinated and it sold out which left me scrambling at joanns for the pieces to make one myself. It ended up being way cheaper and super easy to make so it all worked out!

He ended up being pretty sick on halloween so he wasn't up for doing much (not that almost one year olds do on halloween anyway) but we still dressed him up and I took about a million photos. Baby's first halloween... why not??

wild thing // max costume
wild thing // max costume
^poor sick baby :(
wild thing // max costume
wild thing // max costume
Max costume

Can he be Max every year? It's just so cute I can't handle it.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

This time last year.


I realized the other day while going through photos that I never posted these ones from the end of our "baby moon" last year. It was exactly this time last year. We rented the cutest little house on the oregon coast and it was way too cold to be on the beach, except for a second or two, but we had a blast nonetheless. Listening to records, making food, sitting by the fire, watching Vh1 music video countdowns and talking about the little tiny baby that was about to makes his way into our lives.

Hopefully we'll be going back for another quick getaway before the end of the year... it'll probably be a little less serene but a whole lot more fun.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

this kid...

Oh, he would spend hours in the bath if he could. Splash, stand up, sit down, splash, pull the drain plug out, suck on the wash cloth, knock over the shampoo, splash, eat the bubbles, lick the water. Repeat all of the above 20 times.
Bath Baby - 11 months
Bath Baby - 11 months
Bath Baby - 11 months
Bath Baby - 11 months

You are pure joy my little Mr. Beck. And I can't believe your first birthday is this month (insert crying emoji here).

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

His favorite book

10 months old | Eric Carle PJ's
We're big fans of books around here... you can tell by how much his shelves are busting at the seams. At least a couple times a day I'll find him in his room with a pile of books he pulled down from the shelves, turning and patting the pages while babbling. Brown bear brown bear is his all-time favorite and a little over a month ago I discovered that if you just say the name of the book he'll go get it and bring it to you. He bobs his head and cracks up when you read it too. Kid really loves brown bear! Eric Carle books are such a classic and have always been a favorite, I'm glad Beck agrees.

Coincidentally, right around the time he first did his Brown bear "trick" we picked up a couple pair of the Eric Carle pajamas collection at Gymboree—these polar bear ones and the fox ones too. Just call us mega Eric Carle fans over here. They are his first set of two-piece pj's and just so darn cute.

p.s. We have a list of more favorite books here
10 months old | Eric Carle PJ's10 months old | Eric Carle PJ's
10 months old | Eric Carle PJ's
10 months old | Eric Carle PJ's
(Beck at 10 months)

Friday, October 3, 2014


Raise your hand if getting things framed or doing it yourself is totally intimidating to you... Yep, both of my hands are up! I hardly ever (read: never) get 4x6 prints, let alone anything bigger to display in our home. Which is why there was literally nothing on our walls at the last place we lived.
I didn't even have any photos of Beck printed, even though I'm sure there are 40,000 sitting on my computer. Lame.

Enough was enough. To start I decided on two large scale framed photos, one of dreamy Cape Kiwanda and one of tiny baby Beck. And just for fun, a smaller framed instagram shot of my fiddle fig. The process of uploading and customizing your frame is SUPER easy and straight-forward with Framebridge and they have a great selection of frames to choose from (from clean and simple to artsy and eclectic). So much thought goes into the framing of each piece and I was blown away by the quality of the prints and frames when they arrived.

I always rearrange wall decor in a room a million times before I settle on what looked best (indecisive much?) but here is where I landed with these! The Cape Kiwanda shot is perfect for the wall space in the dining room. I just need to hang it now and commit.

Framed Prints - Framebridge
Framed Prints - Framebridge

The yawny Beck photo is in our room. It looks kinda tiny on the wall but it's actually quite large. I love love love it.

Framed Prints - Framebridge
Framed Prints - Framebridge

And a classic gold frame for the fiddle fig instagram shot. I want to add this to a gallery wall someday when I have more framed art and photos but for now it's in the kitchen adding some fun to the coffee shelf.
Framed Prints - Framebridge

I want to do an entire set of Instagram Mini frames next. Victoria from SF Girl By The Bay shared hers and I'm obsessed, you have to see her post!

Framebridge is generously offering Vanilla & Lace readers an awesome discount on the Instagram Mini frames—2 Instagram Mini's for $50 (and free shipping always!). Use the code 2INSTA50 at checkout.

Whether you have a project in the works or not, go to the framebridge site and upload a photo to test out what you can do. It's super fun to walk through the process and see your photo go from something you posted on facebook to a piece of art you'd love to display.
Framed Prints - Framebridge
This post was created in partnership with Framebridge. As always, opinions are entirely my own!